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Family Law


Skilled Advocate and Trial Lawyer

The Woodacre Law Group is an established Wellesley based family law boutique founded in 1995 and located in Wellesley with a satellite office in Mattapoisett.

Attorney Lorri Seibert Woodacre, principal, has earned a reputation for meticulous and comprehensive legal writing as well as diligent and hardworking advocacy in trial work, mediation and complex litigation.

Attorney Woodacre provides sound and pragmatic advice and representation throughout the marital dissolution process emphasizing creative solutions that maximize family resources.

Attorney Woodacre has a diverse and sophisticated background in the military, family business area and corporate world that has provided the foundation for exceptional understanding of the far reaching implications of a marital dissolution. She studied Comparative law in Germany and Spanish in Monterey, Mexico.

Attorney Woodacre and her staff work as a team to develop effective strategies and deliver positive results in an optimum, cost effective manner with an emphasis on client satisfaction. We look forward to you being part of our team to provide you with the representation you are looking for to handle your case.

During your first meeting, Attorney Woodacre will listen to you describe your personal situation and will evaluate your individual case.

As an experienced domestic relations practitioner, you can count on Attorney Woodacre and the Woodacre Law Group to keep you informed of the important developments in your case and to be a strong advocate in divorce and all family law matters.

Attorney Woodacre is a member of the Family Law Sections of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Norfolk Bar Association and the America Bar Association. Attorney Woodacre keeps current with trends and changes in the practice of marital law and is a long – standing member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation and the Massachusetts Association of of Guardians Ad Litem.  In addition, she has held leadership positions in the Bar and in the Community.  She has been an active participant in Mock Trial Judging and is a fellow of the Massachusetts Bar Foundation. She is also a Court Certified Discovery Master and a Special Master in Probate Court.

Attorney Woodacre and the Woodacre Law Group have successfully litigated cases against large Boston firms. Child Custody and Removal cases are always challenging and Attorney Woodacre has the professional knowledge and temperament required in this specialized area and keeps abreast of developments in this area through academic research and continuing legal education.


At the Woodacre Law Group, we treat all our clients with dignity and respect. That’s because we know the value of each and every client that walks into our office. In our experience, satisfied clients are our most valuable assets. That has been the case since our office opened and has remained true since. When you come to us, your case matters. 

Attorney Woodacre is highly experienced in family law litigation and divorce mediation. In addition, our office has specialized a long and successful track record from separation to child custody agreements. We are a boutique family law firm that aims to provide only the highest level of service to our clients. And we offer a variety of services from elder mediation to pre-nuptial agreements. 


There is a time in any relationship that things don’t seem to be working. At times like those, it’s important to get advice from someone who has experience with strained relationships and before you enter the legal arena. 


As in all cases, we do the best we can to make this as stress-free an experience as possible. You can rest easy knowing your situation will be resolved in a timely and organized manner. 


Before you get married, it’s important to be clear on certain expectations with your significant other. These expectations may include things like your property, assets, or financial burdens like debt.


If you decide to move in with your significant other and the relationship is long-term, you might consider writing a cohabitation agreement. This contract would allow each person in the relationship to define their assets, liabilities, and expectations.

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