cohabitation agreements

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If you decide to move in with your significant other you might consider writing a cohabitation agreement. This contract would allow each person in the relationship to define their assets. It also allows them to detail liabilities, like a prenuptial agreement. That way, if something happens to one of the people in the relationship or you stop living together, there is a plan for how to deal with it. This type of arrangement is common for adults that would like to live together without being married.

There are several different advantages to a cohabitation agreement. First, it allows each person to detail what is theirs in the relationship. This means there is no need for arguments over who owns what. Second, the agreement defines each person’s responsibilities in the relationship. These can be financial, familial, or otherwise.  The end goal of a cohabitation agreement is a fair and equitable relationship. At Woodacre Law Group, we take care to make sure that is the case.