Attorney and Counselor at Law

Do you have a custody issue with the state that needs to be resolved? What about a child or grandchild that you want to protect as your own? Often when the Department of Children and Families is brought into a case by one spouse, you need a seasoned lawyer to advocate for your side of the story. If you do not qualify for a court appointed lawyer, that’s where we come in. Our law firm is effective at getting you a fair say in the custody of your child.

Call the law office that has experience with children and families. Woodacre Law Group is ready to assist with custody cases that involve the Department of Children and Families. When it comes to going to trial with these long and drawn out cases, you need the very best attorney on your side from start to finish. The Woodacre Law Group has experience litigating DCF cases with great success. We listen to your side of the story and help find the most effective route to a good result.