Elder mediation

Attorney and Counselor at Law

the mediation PROCESS

When aging parents enter significant life transitions, their adult children are often caught in the conflict. Disagreements about residence, caregiving responsibilities, and finances can tear families apart in a time when cooperation is essential to the health and happiness of everyone involved. Our elder mediation services are designed to create a private forum for family decision-making. We facilitate productive conversations in which all family members can express their concerns and come to resolutions with the help of a neutral experienced mediator. The goal is to reach workable solutions in a timely and cost efficient manner and to help prevent or repair strained family relationships.

As in all cases, we do the best we can to make this as stress-free an experience as possible. So that you can rest easy knowing your situation will be resolved in a timely and organized manner. We bring everyone to the table in a way that encourages productive discussion.