marital mediation

Attorney and Counselor at Law

In many marriages, there isn’t one clear solution. When there isn’t a clear path forward between you and your spouse, marital mediation may be necessary. Often it is the best thing you can do to get your relationship back on an even keel. Marital mediation involves coming to a neutral third party for advice and guidance on whether the marriage can be saved or whether a separation is warranted.

experienced team

The Woodacre Law Group, we have extensive experience mediating complicated issues between spouses. And we know that when it comes to solving issues in a marriage, there are solutions other than divorce. Bringing both people together in a good faith effort to work through these issues is the first step to finding solutions. In some cases, that means finalizing a written agreement between both people, to ensure that expectations are clear. In other cases, it involves a verbal confirmation of what needs to change in the relationship.