prenuptial agreements

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Before you get married, it’s important to be clear on certain expectations with your significant other. These expectations may include things like your property or assets, or financial burdens like debt. Even people without many assets should be confident in where they will end up. Whatever the case may be, it can be best to have this agreement in writing. That’s when you need to have a prenuptial agreement. 

Reasonable Agreements

The prenuptial agreement will clarify tough questions that may come up later by detailing each person’s assets and liabilities. For example, the agreement might explain how to handle one person’s debt in the event of a divorce. Or how to allocate a parent’s property to children from multiple marriages. A prenuptial agreement ensures that when these questions arise, all parties involved can come to reasonable arrangements. At Woodacre Law Group, we can ensure that your agreement is fair and reasonable to all people involved.